About Us

​​​​​​​Kiki London is proud to be vegan-friendly and cruelty free with no products or ingredients deriving from, or ever tested on animals.  

We are now available in India with our exclusive distributor located in Jalandhar, Punjab. Supplying Nail Salons and Beauty Parlours across the country. Kiki London aims to become the best gel polish supplier in India

QUALITY, CONTROL, and TREND based nail gel application are absolute musts for nail artists and clients across the world.  Kiki London nail gel has been designed to capture these three requirements to enable a perfectly formulated gel polish manicure. A premium quality nail gel for up to 21 days of flawless nails, a strongly developed and regulated formula with easy application to allow control and avoid application challenges, and a growing selection of 140 trendy colours based on demand driven variety - are all collated to provide the perfect product to support any gel nail manicures for a quality, exciting finish.


Kiki London was created as a high quality, contemporary nail gel brand, with a growing selection of over 140 trendy colours, ensuring your salon and gel choices are always current and always top quality colour. Kiki London gel polishes are recognised for being rich in colour, easy-to-control in application and providing a gorgeous, salon-shine finish. We listen to you and the fast-moving industry, priding ourselves in ensuring our products are derived from first-hand qualified experience to guarantee the quality our consumers desire. That’s not all, our products are also vegan and cruelty free! Our UK based brand continues to grow and develop into an internationally recognised brand, and we’d love for you to join our exciting community.

Professionals to beginners are all welcome to use the Kiki London nail gel products. Our products and kits are easy to use and do our check out our blog and Kiki London community, with our Ambassadors who are on hand to give on hand tips and tricks, there to guide and inspire you and your wonderful manicure creations!

Please note - Kiki London is a professional gel polish system, and only available for Qualified Nail Techs. Purchasing from www.kikilondon.co.uk you confirm that you are qualified nail technician and proof of certification could be asked to approve your account.  


Quality comes first and Kiki London will not compromise this! We understand the importance of providing a product that is not only easy to apply, but leave the nails looking flawless and staying healthy.  We will also refer you to our recommended salons who use our products so you can be safe to know service and products will be of utmost quality.

Follow us on Instagram @kikilondonnailgel to check out our latest looks, new product launches and exclusive announcements, and hashtag #kikilondon to join the warm and inviting Kiki London community!


With key focus on quality and development of our formulas and product ranges, Kiki London directly works with 2 research lab facilities which are based in UK and USA to bring a unique, EU approved products into the market. 

All products are manufactured in line with our strict specifications by specialist manufacturers in their field. Approved Manufacturers are based in UK, Canada, Germany, Poland and China. 

With global research and manufacturing capabilities we are able to ensure our distributors are always in stock across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Kiki London Gel Polishes are compliant with UK and EU regulations.